From a fan:

Gotta love the media in England. Just imagine these wasters in wartime Britain….

Press conference pre 1945.

C4 News: "Mr Churchill, why won't you surrender to Hitler, lives could be saved".
Daily Mirror:- "Why are you so anti Nazis, Prime Minister? Is your party Naziphobic, Prime Minister?"
Metro: "Why didn't you stockpile one million tanks, Prime Minister?"
Guardian: "Do you now accept if you'd built an extra two million spitfires the war would be easier to win, Prime Minister?"
BBC News: "The planes flying at night are impacting on people's ability to sleep. Will you apologise to those affected, Prime Minister"?
Daily Fail: "When we lose, will you resign, Prime Minister?"
Sky News: "When will we be able to sunbathe, Mr Churchill?" The Sun: "When do you plan to land in France and surprise the Germans, Prime Minister? The people need to know the date and time!

Source: UKPH Facebook


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