The next person we hear saying " but flu kills more…

The next person we hear saying " but flu kills more people and we dont wear a mask for that" is going to get a swift punch in the throat.

COVID19 has a scarily high infection rate which runs the risk of over running our health services.

Your not being asked to wear a mask or socially distance for a laugh or a bit of an inconvenience, or whatever weird conspiracy theory you may have about a distopian government tracking your every move with an app… (psst they already do that… Its called facebook 🤫🤫🤫).

The reason it is so important to stem that infection rate is to stop us over running hospitals, GPs and emergency services. Yes they may have built extra beds, but the staff for those beds are pulled in from other vital services such as outpatients, theatres etc.

Imagine your relative, loved one, best friend needs a vital operation, life saving surgery even, but at the last minute its cancelled because there are no staff available through sickness or because they are staffing the covid beds.

This is why we must do everything we can to prevent its spread.

Not because you may get some minor symptoms but because it may kill the vulnerable in our communities, it may kill people needing vital services that have to be cancelled because all the staff are off sick.

Stop being a selfish d**khead and start thinking of others.

Wear a mask.
Wash your hands

FFS get along nicely with each other.

Peace out.

Source: UKPH Facebook


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